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Who we are?

Digital Business Media

Print, Publish and Produce Custom Products

"Digital Business Media" - is a conglomerate media house based in Delhi NCR.

We specialize in media publication whether it is digital, print or social and focus on contract publishing of magazines, book, journals, newsletters, coffee table books, e-books, websites, and other related publications. We provide customized integrated products that help enterprises to continuously improve their business processes. Digital Business Media (DBM) will help in for furtherance of the objectives specified in your business whether it is digital, print, online or other platforms.

Simultaneously, we produce customised gift materials, customised office stationery, literature works, comic books and paper publishing products on contract basis and also provide digital publishing operation services and digital content value-added services. We are also involved in publishing education materials, including the provision of digital textbooks, teaching materials and online tutorials, as well as massive open electronics and commodity trading businesses worldwide.

We are a group of highly talented professionals with vast experience in content sourcing, briefing, editing, designing, printing, marketing and distributing. We also focus on promotions through online and social media.

Our clients include Indian and foreign diplomatic missions in India and overseas, Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, State Governments, Chambers of Commerce, Tourism and Investment Promotion Agencies to name a few.

Custom publishing is a major business component of the firm. We work on a contract basis publication to diversify and grow larger where the concept of compiled advertising is supported. Our signature magazines are Diplomat Today and Agro Food Business. Individuals may choose to subscribe to print or online editions.

Diplomat Today Magazine pertaining to relations between India and other countries and covers bilateral relations, international business, culture, tourism, trade, economic, current affairs, special reports for diplomatic missions..

Agro Food Business magazine focuses on current news and information on international goods, commodity and trade services, export-import business, organic farming, food processing, packaging, innovation, livestock, government policies and its impact.

Apart from this the firm has associated with another business, details are below:

Studio Souvenior: Digital Business Media offers professional photography and video services work for whatever purpose you required, whether it be business events, wedding ceremony, indestrial presentions, food festivals, interior photography or social media content. Whatever be the occasion, you can find us the best ones who capture the perfect click to make your events memorable.

Uphar Udhyog: Whether you are a big and established business empire or a small business enterprise, corporate gifting is integral to every organization. We provide customizable gift hampers, apparels, stationery, electronic items and other printed products which you can easily present to the corporate requirements such as events, seminars or simply for the employees or clients/customers.

After all, Digital Business Media will have the pleasure to become your Perfect Publishing Partner to fulfill your dreams, whether you were looking to step into the digital transformation, generate a creative publication, increase brand awareness, or enhance your social media content. We will happy to work with you to achieve your business marketing goals.

We are Specialize in publishing

whether it is digital, print or any other platform

"Digital Business Media" involve in:


Our Signature Magazine

Diplomat Today

Agro Food Business

Digital Business Media built to empower your modern businesses

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What We Do?

Our Integrated Print Services Includes

Printing Options

Customer magazines are magazines published by companies or organisations for their customers/members.

Depending upon needs of individual clients, they can promote corporate image and services/products, investment and other items to promote their business.

Theme-Based Magazines are magazines which covers any special themes and related topics like management, leadership, motivation, agriculture, food, lifestyle etc for their customers/members

Commemorative Publications are released on historic or auspicious occasions like as National Days, State Visits, Important Anniversaries and so on

Services Includes

Editing and Writing

Our editors will review the manuscript and suggest changes in grammar, punctuation, spelling, tone and consistency to make it as error-free as possible.

This would be a collaborative effort with you and the editor and the final manuscript would be the result to produce final materials.

Design and Print

Design is the first statement to the reader. Our digital artists bring your custom cover with a high resolution digital artwork. If you have a stock image of your own, you can provide it too. One cover sample will be provided to you.

You can choose the ideal image for your material cover from our repository of millions of stock photos to build a beautiful book cover. Future-proof your content by creating an eBook version of your materials to go for final print version.

Success Marketing

Market research is about creating a product that serves your customers better. If you know who they are and what they want, you can make better decisions about what to put in your book and how you position it in the marketplace.

Our team of publishing and marketing professionals will talk to you to understand your product better and advice you about promotional details to get maximum visibility in the market.

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What We Produce?

We serves for your business in all media whether it is print, digital or other platform

We Print
Print Media

  1. Customer Magazines
  2. Theme-Based Magazines
  3. Commemorative Publications
  4. Promotional Materials: Posters, Flyers, Advertisement
  5. Commercial Prints: customized apparels, office stationeries, event souvenirs, electronic gift and other printed products
  6. Corporate Supplies: Brochures, Letterheads, Envelopes, Cards, Calendars, Diary
  7. Personal Materials: Book, cards and many more...

We Publish
Digital & Social Media

  1. Digital Magazines and newsletters
  2. Blog contents and articles
  3. Websites and mobile applications
  4. Raising brand awareness
  5. Interactive Storytelling
  6. Online events and campaigns
  7. Promotional activities
  8. Social Networking, Sharing Links, Online post, Graphics Creation, Logo
  9. Pdf, Audio, Video

We Produce
Video & Poadcast

  1. Corporate events
  2. Business activities
  3. Opening ceremony
  4. Product campaigns
  5. Promotional advertisements
  6. Office occasions
  7. Organisational Portfolios
  8. Documentary films
  9. Lifestyle coverages: Retirement, Wedding, Newborn, Destination

Our Magazines

Diplomat Today

Agro Food Business

Special Reports

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Few Sample Products

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With Editing, Designing, Marketing & Distribution
Print ads are excellent for solidifying your brand identity. We have potential choice to publish your ads or to establish brand recognition for which you may contact.

Whether you require a classic printed product or a purely digital publication, Digital Business Media is the ideal business partner for your required product. Our expert team (editorial and designer) skills will help you to ensure create compelling content. We take charge of the entire print product process - from preparation to prepress, through fully automated process to print.

As a custom publisher we undertake custom publishing of Newsletter, Journal, Exhibitors Directories, Buyer Guide, Daily Newsletter, Promotional Material, Epaper, Website, emailer and many more....


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We are a business media company specializing in emerging technology and evolving all business media whether it is print, digital or social

Diplomat Today

Diplomat Today Magazine covers bilateral relations, culture, tourism, trade, economic, International Business, diplomatic and current affairs, pertaining to relations between India and other countries.

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Agro Food Business

Agro Food Business is a magazine dedicated at imparting information regarding agro and food industry, trade, technologies, innovations, research and business of agro food market.

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Our Values

Publicizing & Scaling Businesses we provide one-stop solutions across all platforms whether it is print, digital or social which works for any business in any industry.

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Published Diplomat Today - Special Reports

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Diplomat Today Reports on Indonesia



Diplomat Today Reports on Malaysia



Diplomat Today Reports on Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia


Diplomat Today Reports on Singapore



Diplomat Today Reports on Sudan



Diplomat Today Reports on Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka


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